The company provides auditing services to private corporations, public corporations, profit and non-profit organization in variety of industries by an independent auditors. Inspection shall comply with auditing standards promulgated by the Federation of Accounting Professions with quality control by the auditor. Rate depends on servicing time starting from planning, analyzing, risk assessment, checking out the sites, preparing working papers and summarizing results in order to comment on the financial statements, regardless of amount of costs, income or profits.

Experienced external Certified Public Accountants (CPA): When necessary, a group of external experts can provide independent auditing and ensure compliance with auditing standards and the rules of the Conflict of Interest, the team has a solid profile as a professor in university, senior government officer,senior in financial institution in consulting firm, lecturer and speaker for government agencies. They are all well-equipped and keep CPA, accounting, auditing, taxation, rules and procedures updated by attending conferences and seminars and continuously development their professional and knowledge of the CPA 2550. With the experiences in working for the well-known firm like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, ensuring that operational auditing meet the international standards.


Our firm work closely with Saman Audit and Corporate Services Co., Ltd. , (an affiliated firm of UHY-Thailand) for auditing work. For further information contact Mr. Saman Jaokonan +66 89 775 9595.